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Construction Administration

Construction Administration allows us to review your project during construction. This ensures that the General Contractors and Subcontractors are constructing your building to the standards that have been specified by you and true to the building's system specifications and Construction Documents.

Pre-Construction Meeting:  When the permits are issued, Simply Architecture can facilitate a meeting with the General Contractor and the project team to discuss the issues that need to be addressed during the Construction Administration phase.

Project Team Management:  We serve as the primary point of contact and coordination for consultants throughout the Construction Administration Phase.

Construction Observation:  Simply Architecture visits the site periodically to monitor the progress of construction and ensure that it is in conformance with the Construction Documents and specifications and that the design intent is met. We provide field reports of our observations.

Applications for Payment: We review and process the Contractor's Applications for Payment.

Submittal Coordination:  Simply Architecture provides Architectural System submittals as well as a supplemental review of Consultant Submittals such as Structural, Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing or other systems which warrant our oversight.

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