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Choosing Your Architect

I see posts on social media and hear questions all the time that ask for help finding someone that can help with a project or design. I also hear stories of people who have hired unlicensed "contractors" or "designers" on their own and without an Owner Representative (i.e. Architect) or well designed/detailed drawings and have gotten burned in the process (leaking homes, collapsing floors/cabinets, peeling paint, electrical fires, improper installation of materials, etc.) just to save a few bucks on professional design fees.

Unfortunately, unless someone has suffered as mentioned above or has specifically worked with an Architect from the start, almost no one mentions getting help from an Architect.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned that there is a disconnect between the Architecture profession and the public, mainly because they do not know about us or what services we provide. Recently, I discovered a site titled "Topic Architect" designed by the American Institute of Architects that aims to close the disconnect and make talking to an Architect less intimidating (although I'm super nice and accommodating within reason, so please do not feel that way with me).

I hope that if you read my blog, peruse my site and visit the "Topic Architecture" website, it helps you with any questions you may have. And as always, I'm here to answer any questions. Please do not hesitate contact me! You can also visit my FAQs section which describes design professionals, non-professionals and the differences between them.

"Whether you're searching for an architect or calling one based on a recommendation, it's important to know what questions to ask and how your architect will benefit your specific project. Once you've gained a deeper understanding of the architect skill set, you'll see why your residential, commercial, or community project needs the input of a design professional." - AIA

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