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We're on the Move!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

After a great year of having our doors open in Florida and providing architectural services to our clients here in Miami, Simply Architecture's main location will be moving to San Antonio, Texas.

However, this will not affect our ability to provide services to our Florida clients, just as being located in Florida does not affect our ability to provide services in Texas. Lauren Campbell is a Registered Architect in both Florida and Texas and, because of this, will be maintaining the business and her services in Florida.

We wanted to reach out and inform our past, present and future clients of this change, and to reassure you that moving out of state does not mean that we cannot provide the services needed for your projects. Technology is amazing, and it allows us to be able to accommodate clients in both states, as we have been doing with our clients in Texas up to this point.

We are excited for this new adventure for our company, and hope you can come along for the ride too!

Thank you, Florida! We promise to visit!

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