Preliminary Development

Preliminary Development Services are essential to the success of a project. Get your project started right; let us help you design from the very beginning.

Country House Sketch

Feasibility Study/Site Analysis:  An initial evaluation of the current local, municipal, regional and state codes and requirements and restraints that affect your project based on your site's specific conditions. We will also assess the infrastructure of your site such as:  drainage, utilities, public right-of-way and civil infrastructure to name a few. We will provide you with an overall summary of our findings.

Existing Conditions Study:  Existing conditions of a building can vary from the published space documentation. It is critical that we have a clear understanding of the existing facility, including the conditions of the existing finish-out, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire suppression systems.

Existing Fixtures and FF&E Inventory:  When moving into a new facility it may be necessary to evaluate your existing fixtures, furnishings and equipment for potential reuse in your new location. This allows us to understand how these existing items will work within your new space.

Measured Drawings:  These are measured floor plans of the existing building documenting locations of partitions, doors, built-in casework, and readily visible plumbing fixtures. Concealed conditions that are not readily evident by visual observation are not included.​​​ Each unique project will require different types of measured drawings depending on the scope of the Work.

Programming:  Programming can be used to clarify project goals and design issues, ensure that the project reflects our client's wishes and can be used to discuss the types of spaces included in your project. ​

Schematic DesignBased on our meetings, the project requirements, existing conditions and our own expertise we will produce space plans, conceptual ideas and site layouts for client review. After you have chosen your desired conceptual design, we can then proceed to the next step, Design Development.